You would be unstoppable if you could just get started

How many times have you told yourself that?

I will start tomorrow!

Today is the last time…!

For the new year, really…!

And then the next day comes, and the next one, and then the bad feeling comes. It seems as if you are spinning in a circle of promises to yourself and the disappointments you give yourself. The consolation may be that you are definitely not the only one. But comfort will not get you to your destination. Personal growth will give you the energy and power to achieve your goals.

Every day, you have the chance to begin again, to begin something new. However, it happens that days may pass before this beginning begins. Coaching helps you make the start today.

Procrastination has somehow crept into human nature, some more, some less, and it lowers our happiness and contentment. Procrastination often comes to visit when motivation is gone. It is personal growth that keeps your motivation in check.

When you tell yourself tomorrow, really, you are full of optimism and enthusiasm. The energy you have is the power to move mountains and achieve even more difficult goals. At that time, with the desire and the goal before your eyes, you touch your values and those positive beliefs that are all you need to drive you all the way. It is also very likely that at that moment, you were influenced by your surroundings. Or was the decision due to a collective spirit?

And then comes D-Day. This is the day for action, and you just stand. Bad feelings are sneaking in and a thousand excuses for a better day tomorrow arise.

Yes, you are right. The motivation is gone when you need it the most, and the procrastination has come. Personal growth allows you to fight procrastination.

You can imagine motivation and procrastination as positive and negative characters on your shoulders, who strongly advocate each and every position. The result of their conversation, however, is your action.

Motivation requires a goal at the end and a positive use of your energy, which must indicate that the goal is the whole journey.

Every smoker knows that smoking is not healthy, but when they say so, they light a cigarette. The smoker can also explain all the negative effects of smoking cessation but still light it.

Also, overweight people always ruin their health by eating a tasty dessert after lunch.

So what happens within an individual when he chooses procrastination instead of a step forward?

The delayed response maintains a daily rhythm, a way of coping with stress, and maintains familiar reactions to everyday stimuli, but unfortunately, it also develops bad habits.

It also happens that individual steps create action and successfully combat a habit. But there comes a change in the environment, a stressful period at work, problems in different parts of life, illness or injury, and a bad habit again takes a daily rhythm.

Changing your habits is not an easy process, as you cannot do it in an environment that offers you these bad habits every step of the way, encouraging procrastination.

It is no coincidence that habit change is a common topic of coaching, as it provides shelter and support in this difficult process for the individual.

Don’t procrastinate; choose the right coaching package for your change.