Where is the time for me?

I hear it more and more: the world is turning faster and time is running out. I don’t have time for… it’s almost a fashion statement today. But is life really so much more “busy” today than it used to be?

job, relationships, family, children, and our own freedom. We all have the same time for all of this, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (every 4 years, even one day more:)). When you look around, you see that some people do more in a given time than others.

And what’s the trick?

No, others do not have a longer day, despite the fact that they probably wish they had.

Time management decisions are often a topic of coaching, and it is interesting to watch clients make up their timelines.

Time is a limited good, and I have a saying in mind that I read a long time ago. The future is a device where people put their dreams so they come true.

We like to give those things that are important to us and give us guidance in our tomorrow.But let us not forget that we will never live in the future. We can only live in the present.

Are you also one of those who says that when things calm down, things will be different? As a result, your life is tossed from one chaos to the next.

Are you increasingly stressed and wondering, “Where is the time for me?”

The answer is very simple.

The time for you is here and now. Everyday

What you spend time on is your decision.

So what is stopping you from having time left for you in the future?

  • surroundings
  • family?
  • Job?
  • No longer have an idea of how to fight for your time?

Do you know that you have enough time for everything?

I always look forward to meeting clients when they find that they can take care of themselves during the day. This helps them to be happier and more fulfilled.

If you do not find time for yourself, make time for coaching.

Coaching will help you manage your time freely with less stress and will bring you better relationships.

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