When does a critical worldview kill efficiency?

Do you know anyone who sees the bad and the potential for failure in every new idea, or are you one of those people? Do you want a more positive impression of your surroundings?

In today’s world of fake news, tragic reporting, and conspiracy theories, you can quickly fall into a negative thought process in your own life. An overly critical view is all the more dangerous when held by a leader.

The task of leaders is to delegate tasks and develop their employees so that they can do their best. All that while having the freedom to create new ideas. The task is not easy, and therefore, leaders often feel stress and uncertainty when seeking a balance between guidance and freedom. Efficiency, however, is a measure of a leader’s success.

Uncertainty often awakens the inner critic of the leader and begins to restrict the creative freedom of employees in search of security and control. The greatness of a leader, however, is that he allows freedom and trust in the process and in his employees.

There are three things I would advise managers to do about managing internal criticism:

Nothing in this world will ever be perfect, except for our imperfections, a thought that has lingered in my mind for over 15 years.I often repeat it when I want my work to achieve perfection. The fact is, every day we learn and create something new. And we can’t judge our future based on what we know today. Efficiency, however, is essential.

Another fact that can limit the wings of an internal critic is The business world is a world of constant development, learning, and change. And even if we do not take the optimal steps today, we can make them tomorrow with appropriate analysis. A good leader, therefore, also involves his employees in the analysis process. This gives you the most objective view and suggestions for improvement. At the same time, it creates an environment for employee development and learning.

It’s just business. Leaders perceive your role on an identity level, which means that you perceive your successes and downsides very personally. The awareness that it is all just a business can be a great contribution to the peace of mind. It is important for leaders, regardless of the successes and the downsides, to build a strong self-image based on the awareness that holistic personalities exist outside of the work environment.

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