Mediation in companies

Conflicts are something every day, but how to solve them is most important.

Conflict stops the world for a moment, while giving us the opportunity to see another part of the world. It happens that the conflict is too complex or the emotions are too strong to resolve it successfully. This is where a mediator comes in to help the parties to an impartial and neutral solution that is acceptable to both.

Mediation enables:

  • Faster conflict resolution
  • Cheaper conflict resolution
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Confidential Conflict Resolution
  • Impartial conflict resolution

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a confidential process of conflict resolution. Two or more conflicting parties are involved in the mediation process and a mediator, who impartially and neutrally helps to build bridges between the conflicting parties.

In mediation, all parties are equal and share a common goal, conflict resolution.

A mediator is a professionally trained person who has the skills to handle conflict and has completed appropriate training.

By its very nature, mediation is the cheapest way to resolve conflicts. At the same time, it is based on maintaining relationships, so it is especially suitable in companies.

Types of mediation in companies

  • Mediation among colleagues

    Employee conflicts are very common and can also bring with them a lot of negative climates that affect the entire business. In addition to resolving the conflict, mediation brings a positive climate to the company.

  • Mobbing Mediation

    In business, you must all have zero tolerance for mobbing. However, if mobbing happens, fast action is imperative. Through mediation, you enable the victim to maintain his or her dignity and to those who, however, enable mobbing to recognize the seriousness of their actions.

  • Mediation in contracting

    In negotiations, we rarely ever achieve the equality of all involved. It may happen that one site agrees to the terms but is not fully in favor. The intervention of mediation in such transactions, however, provides a solid foundation for continued good cooperation. Mediation is also appropriate in complaint procedures.

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