Development of employee competencies

Coaching4me is your trusted partner towards your goals. We treat each client individually and together we prepare a program that will best develop employees and processes. Our goal is for companies to increase efficiency and reduce stressors. In collaboration with many experts in various fields, we design the service that delivers the greatest impact.

Each business is a story for itself and each goal requires a different path. Are you great at your business? Do you produce superior products or provide superior services, but do you not achieve the success you want? You are probably not taking advantage of the potential that you have or your staff is not ready for all the challenges.

We take care of you and your business:

  • We tailor the programs to the goals and needs of your business.
  • We help you develop processes and employees with the goal of increasing efficiency.
  • We monitor your development to enable you to grow sustainably and reliably.

Components of our programs

Our pograms

Programs are completely customized for you since we do a current and desired state analysis. Prior to each meeting, employees can submit specific questions and a desire to discuss the topic in detail. Whit our approach we can ensure maximum transfer of knowledge into practice.

The duration of the programs is adjusted to the needs of the client, so they can last from short 2-hour INFO meetings to in-depth workshops, which can last for several days.

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