Could your business be even more efficient?

Of course, it can be! Many times, companies hide large inventories of efficiency, but unfortunately they remain untapped. Efficiency is not only seen in the company’s profit or loss but also in business stability and innovation. In the recent period, the economic conditions have been favorable and productivity in the companies has been increasing.

Businesses often have systems that reward employees for productivity. This means that the sales department focuses only on the volume of sales, the production department only on the quantity produced, accounting only on good payment discipline, and the personnel department does not have an adequate number of employees. When employees are rewarded only in terms of productivity, they will work more, but they will contribute almost nothing to business optimization and changes in work processes, which is crucial for the long-term existence of the company.

Is this happening in your company as well?

Business is good, revenue is growing, profits are growing, some employees have recently left the company. But others are making the overtime required to ensure that orders are executed. Increasing numbers can dazzle you and you will be shocked when economic conditions change and demand for your products or services declines. The fact is that when employees work longer hours or take care of several areas at the same time, their efficiency drops by 40%, and with long overload, their IQ decreases by 10%. This means that with every overtime your employees make, you lose valuable money.

Want more business efficiency??

Workflow optimization and change are the cornerstones of efficiency.

There are many directors who are aware of the importance of efficiency in a company, but in the moment of good market status, they do not pay attention to it, because it sees an excessive burden in already burdened processes. Are you one of them?

It is important to distinguish between productivity and efficiency. For example. Slovenes are among the top employees in the European Union based on their working hours, but unfortunately, are somewhere in the tail in terms of efficiency. Competitiveness, however, is measured precisely in how you optimally execute the processes. So how to increase the efficiency of the company so that the employees within the regular workplace will do everything they now do with extra hours?

  1. Properly set company goals and individual employee goals.
  2. Objectives Communicate appropriately between employees and establish effective communication within the company.
  3. Make appropriate management changes and workflow changes.
  4. Equip your employees with the right time management and stress management skills.
  5. You persist until the first 4 points come to life and generate results.

Does it sound complicated or impossible? Or you might think we’ve already done all of this, but it doesn’t work. Then it’s time to leave it to the experts. We will quickly find out where you are hiding your performance potential.