Coaching is a process of cooperation between the coach and the coachee, based on stimulating the thinking and creative process of the client in order to increase their personal and professional potential and to achieve the set goals faster. This is especially important in today’s uncertain and complex business environment.

Expertise has long been insufficient to maximize work efficiency. So what makes the difference between good and top employees?

  • What is the mindset of employees?
  • How do they tackle challenges?
  • What do they want?
  • What gets them into stress?

The consequences of coaching in the company will be seen in improving the management, increasing efficiency and good time management of your employees.

Choose the right type of coaching for your challenge

88% higher efficiency compared to traditional training competencies

leadership or executive coaching

Why Do Managers Need Coaching?

Leaders are constantly torn between the goals of the organization, their own goals, and guiding their employees to achieve their goals. Managers navigate between different situations and different personalities. All these are stressors and how well a leader faces these challenges depends on his / her skills. Managers have a lot of information in them to combine all of this into holistic action. For that they need a coach.

Leadership or executive coach helps managers, to:

  • He sees himself and his role more clearly.
  • He sees colleagues and those involved more clearly.
  • To create appropriate behaviors.

Leadership coaching enables managers to increase their effectiveness, which will give the company a competitive edge in the market.

By increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, the leader will be able to better promote the potential of his employees and will be able to teach his team to set appropriate goals and also trust the team. Coaching also brings holistic development to leaders so that they can better reconcile home and work life, which is essential for an individual's effectiveness. Managers will be able to fulfill their ambitions and remain more loyal to the company.

Coaching topics that are chosen by managers:

  • What kind of boss am I?
  • Leadership and Decision Making
  • Facing change
  • Strategies and goals
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Team development
  • Relationships
  • Odnosi

business coaching

Coaching provides employees with a secure environment with a confidant who is at the same time their greatest ally and reminds them of potential slippages. The employee is exploring what could be done differently, better and faster.

With a coach, you get personal attention from someone who knows your business inside and out. Coaching is suitable for employees who are facing the obstacle, key personnel and those who will continue to become one.

Coach moves you from routine to the path of development and success.

Coaching4me approach

1. Organization goals - needs analysis. Employee development must follow the goals of the organization, so it is important to determine the goals of the organization for the coming period and, based on those goals, to determine the appropriate competencies of employees required to achieve them. Therefore, it is important to involve both management and staff in the process.

2. Analysis of the current situation and preparation of the plan. The analysis determines the actual situation of individual competence from the perspective of the whole company, individual department, and individual employee. Based on the needs analysis and the current situation, we prepare a plan that covers the individual employee and the entire company.

3. Performing coaching. The content of the coaching is confidential. The management of the company and the human resources department received a report on the number of coaching meetings performed and an assessment of the achievement of the set goal.

4. Monitoring development. Just as every process of developing a new product ends with the development of improvements or the development of a new product, so is the development of personnel a continuous process. The company introduces a system of feedback and monitoring of employees as they develop.

osebni coaching

Personal growth is a recipe for a happy and prosperous life.

Think about what you would have done differently 5 years ago if you knew what you know now. What you spent all your energy on and how many times you felt like you didn't control enough! Personal and competence development allows you to spend your days fulfilled and easy. Competence development enables us to remain employable and energized in a competitive world. S also preserves ourselves. It seems like time is moving faster today and there are many times when you would like to stop and take a breath or just take a moment. Nowadays, this seems almost like a mission impossible, but it is still accessible. Think about what your life would be like if you knew how to:

  • communicate better,
  • negotiate better,
  • manage stress better,
  • manage your time better …

More and more individuals are choosing a coach to support their life goals. The most common coaching topics are::

  • loss of a job, what now;
  • I want a change in life;
  • I want better communication;
  • I want a better self-image;
  • I want harmonious relationships;
  • how to deal with the disease ...

If you are asking yourself such questions, then it is time to visit your coach.

coaching športnikov

Coaching is a process of cooperation between the coachee and the athlete, with the aim of increasing the athlete's athletic and personal potential and achieving the set goals faster. I tailor each coaching program to the individual athlete according to his / her needs and specificities of the sports industry. The most common topics for working with athletes are:

  • loss of anxiety,
  • raising motivation,
  • better concentration,
  • better self-image,
  • a winning mentality,
  • successful coping with injuries...

The role of the coach

Maša Ribnikar Kajtner

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Coach is the person who will help your employees develop their personal skills and the skills they need to achieve their goals effectively.

  • Moves you out of your comfort zone.
  • Coach allows you to look at problems differently.
  • Help you solve complex problems.
  • Help you find easy solutions.
  • It confronts you with its own obstacles.
  • It shows things you didn’t think of.
  • Help you stay in focus.
  • Help you suspend procrastination and remind you of the action.
  • Help you set goals that will motivate you.
  • Help you do more than you think you can.
  • Coache is with you from start to finish.

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