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Who I am and how I coach

I used to overcome obstacles by climbing walls as a professional climber, which I traded for the business world. I have always been faced with a challenge that has never been seen before in a company. I have always been in charge of growth and development, and every successful step has always given me the energy for the next one. I realized that all the progress was on the shoulders of employees who are unique and the largest capital in companies. This mindset drove me to research and coaching. 

My coaching style is exploring and supporting to build the foundation for action planning. I believe that the client has to set the pace and the level of how deep he or she would like to go. I love to include humor (sometimes sarcasm) in my questions. I would say I love to set the mirror to everything that has been said in the session. I look at clients from a systemic approach and always make sure that the client also gets a perspective on how the environment can support him/her or how clients’ actions influence the environment that he/she is in. 

I know that sometimes challenges can be a struggle and they give more questions than answers. So I see my role as a coach as helping find my clients that missing piece of the puzzle so everything will make sense.

I could say that I put my way of being into my sessions. In the beginning, there is a lot of thinking, planning, and seeing the bigger picture, and when the big picture is clear, it’s time for action and no surrender. 

So let me maximize the largest capital in your company and your greatest potential. 

Upscale your career and your life with coaching and gain control of your next step.

Coaching is a form of support that allows you to achieve your personal and professional goals and desires. A coach’s constant feedback, real questions, responsibility, and support allow you to discover your best potential or organize your abilities so that you can cope most effectively with challenges. 

Who I coach?

If you are struggling with one of the topics above and if you fit into one of the following groups of people, let’s meet on a discovery call. 

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