Are you running out of time?

Time management seems almost impossible. Time is an extremely important asset in today’s world, and we often feel that we are running out of it. You only have 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. Do you often make plans for what you will do and when, and then various environmental disruptions come and destroy your plan? You are not alone. The vast majority of people daily encounter a lack of time and various distractions. That forces them to adjust their plans and goals. When you look at your “to-do” list that remains unfulfilled, you can quickly become overwhelmed, resulting in further planning and chasing time.

If you are feeling helpless in the battle against time, I can comfort you that with the right time management skills, you can limit outside influences and really accomplish everything you set yourself to do. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Time management is a skill you can master, and you will soon feel that you are managing your life as well as your car, and your goals will be achieved and your schedules met.

Why do time management approaches not work?

Time is just one dimension that creates life. Because the rational approach is the simplest, we use our schedules and activities and try to put them on a calendar. As a result, our schedules are too overcrowded and any latency impairs their stability. At the same time, schedules most often do not include the everyday little things that make up our time. Relationships, energy, and our inner world are the dimensions that co-create our lives and are strongly intertwined with our time. When we manage to find the right balance between them, our schedules become meaningful and there are only activities that make sense in them.

So how to start managing time?

Start with yourself and your inner world. Tasks that are inconsistent with your beliefs and values will always be delayed and delayed. Tasks that emphasize your values and are related to your goals. We will deal with excitement and pleasure. Because we put non-important tasks on our schedule, the vicious circle begins to spin and as the priority of tasks disappears, all of them become equally important. But sometimes, when you look at a to-do list, there is simply not enough motivation to get started. So the first step is to think about the internal obstacles and motives for getting things done. You can investigate why this is happening to you and what the outcome of each obstacle is.

Keep up your energy. It is important to know what motivates you and what takes your energy. When it comes to tasks that you most often do not execute, it often depends on the person who gives you the task. Take a look into your relationship with those task-giving people. Explain to them what your motivation will be for each task. Observe the situation very well and record your motivation for each type of task and the person who assigned it to you.

Make changes to your daily routines, which, after reviewing everything, are most crucial to managing your time and scheduling it.

Analyzing your own inner world is not easy, so I can help you with that. By attending my time management personal coaching, you can easily and quickly discover your inner problems. And get rid of a vicious circle of habits and daily rhythms that hide your potential. If you want to become a master of your time, give me a call. We will make a plan for how I can help you.